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As I said...those plastic dividers are usually the culprit (I'll come back to that). Got my S107 today (S107R5) I bought from "" As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for" ($19.98 door to door). I must admit, it could have been much worst given that fact that doesn't have a clue about these helis about packaging them for shipping. Damage control: missing link (but was given an extra..gee). Bottom blades are curled (this will be obvious). Something is wrong with the head as it has terrible binding with the flybar, which translated to terrible TBE. If you look close in one pic you will see a crack in the nose that goes all the way around (they did a nice CA job though). On to the TX I had to dabble a bit of Break Free CLP to "every single plastic spacer" as they were so stiff they hardly moved when I put the batteries in and I knew that would be a problem. The heli came "fully" charged. I thought it was one of those reversed things whereas the orange light would shut Well, feast your eyes upon the best packaging job ever. No bubble wrap. No cardboard stiffeners above or below the heli box. No NOTHING

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