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Pole Cat#1 is toast!

Well, sad to say that Pole Cat #1 is now basically toast. After not one but two more crashes (now a total of about 5-6) from a servo failure and then plane going totally dead in mid flight the other night I CA'd her back together and took her out this morning to see how she'd do. I did a pre-flight check and ailerons and rudder were moving fine. Mind you, at this point I have disabled a the totally faulty rudder servo by clipping one of the wires, and gave her a toss. She took off nice and level and then i gave a little up elevator to climg out and she just nose dived straight into good ol' Terra Firma. Tup, no elevator response. So anyway....guess it's time to pull out the replacement Cat that Horizon sent me a few weeks ago and see what all is faulty on it. How are the rest of you Pole Cat owners fairing?

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