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You kinda caught me in the middle of something Scott. lol
The fuse mould won't warp anytime soon. It's almost 1/4" thick and I've already driven my truck over one of the sections with no damage or warp.

This wing mould is an experiment. I am attempting to push the limits of what I've seen done to date in this hobby. I've embedded aluminum infusion channels at acute angles in two planes to add rigidity while bringing the cost down to something that your average highschool kid with a job can manage. It's always been a pet peeve of mine that the cost of tools is prohibitive to those that we should be doing our best to get involved rather than letting our full grown egos justify telling some kid that it could cost $1,000 in just glass and resin to make a tool before he even has an airplane.

Yes, I know all about sub-structures and I won't know what's needed here until I get the plug out of it in the end. My hope is that the perimeter flange and resin infusion channels will be adequate. A perimeter flange is a very powerful tool for adding rigidity. Don't forget that I'm using epoxy that has virtually no appreciable shrinkage over the kind of distances we're dealing with here. If I'd used a polyester gel coat or laminating resin there would most definately have been a frame from the get go.

I've never been one to follow Scott. :-D Lead or just be another sheople cleaning up the shrubby grass left by those that came before. That's why we have ARF's built by little chinese girls who are forced to move to cities without their parents at the age of ten to work in rat infested model airplane factories while we all pretend it would be happening even if it wasn't for our sloth. I don't do Monkey see, Monkey do: I try my best to use more than just my opposable thumbs.

Oops, I get up on my soapbox without even realizing it

For anyone who's wondering what the hold up is on my templates, I've just had some unexpected house guests leave, so I should be back at it here shortly.
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