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Originally Posted by spectre6573 View Post
Good to hear. I cant wait to get my radio back from service so I can start messing around again. I am really curious where the break even point is for lipo pack size to control ability. Obviously the more motors the more lift and the more control.

I will say that I have been using a control copter and it hovers nicely and no wobble in forward flight and I have it mounted directly to the plate with not vibration dampening.

what kinda range do you get with your 5.8 setup and antenna and in what kinda areas do you flying most often. I have seen you CO meets movies and some people (like me) dont get that luxury. Im just curious how the CL does with LOS flying like thru trees.
I am working on efficiency with this setup to. Trying to find that sweet spot for flight time and handling. I don't thinking adding a larger mah pack is always the right answer to longer flight times on quads. I do plan to fly FPV with my lighter 3s 2200 Spyder pack and see what the difference is. With the changes I have made so far I have noticed more punch from the power system, especially when I am coming down and I want to quickly arrest a fall.

The 5.8 setup has thus far been very nice for my application. Since I do not fly long range radio control, I am staying within 1/2 mile of my ground station. I have a very sharp and clear picture now. Even better than the movies you saw. Filters, voltage regulators and torrid wraps have cleaned it up a bit since then. I think the range of my video will easily outdo my control link. 5.8 is more sensitive to multipath around object and buildings. You cannot go behind large trees or over hills with 5.8. As long as you maintain good LOS you can go really low several hundred meters away like I did at the CO meet. I like to fly low and fast, but I don't go very far away.
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