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Thank you so much Turner2. I went with one that had a stand alone balancer, but it works hooked up to the charger itself. So then the charger can balance both cells even, is this right? So then it is best to charge using the charger, and then, hook up the balancer and let the machine (charger) make sure the cells are balanced, and if they are not, it will correct them?

When you say, "LiPo packs should only be charged with chargers designed for them...", do you think that chargers that can also charge nicd and nimh as part of a multi-charger are no good?

Thanks for the help, I appreciate it, as safety with these is crucial!

edit: On the first page it states:

"3. Use the Taps. Before you charge a new Lithium pack, check the voltage of each cell individually. Then do this after every tenth cycle there after. This is absolutely critical in that an unbalanced pack can explode while charging even if the correct cell count is chosen. If the cells are not within 0.1 volts of each other then charge each cell individually to 4.2 volts so that they are all equal. If after every discharge the pack is unbalanced you have a faulty cell and that pack must be replaced.
Taps are provided on most new lithium packs. Taps give you the ability to check individual cell voltages and charge one cell at a time. Make sure and get the appropriate connector to go into your taps. Don't try to stick you volt meter probes in the taps to measure voltage. They could slip and short your cells. "
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