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Be careful using the balancer. There is no need to balance packs that are discharged. What they need is to be charged up to storage level - about 3.85 volts per cell - or fully charged if they are going to be used and balanced at full charge. Balancing should be done at the end of charging not before charging. In a discharged state if a balancer is used some cells could drop to levels at which damage will occur. There is no harm in balancing at storage levels but there is no real benefit either unless the packs are significantly out of balance. I will sometimes balance at storage level if I am not going to use them for a long time. No harm in that but the important thing is that they are balanced before use when fully charged.

Now some new chargers , like the CellPro, will start balancing right when charging starts but that is a different matter then using a stand alone balancer before charging. LiPo packs should only be charged with chargers designed for them and preferably a modern balance charger.
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