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The wood stove idea is genius. I am going to keep a bucket of sand next to the battery as well when charging, and only charge on the tarmac away from anything flamable. I think that the person ho posted about staying away from dry vegetation was wise on that, because after seeing these batteries flare up, it pops off sparks and cinders everywhere. Those videos really show how dangerous these are.

The great thing about the lipo batteries from what I can see is obviously the longer run time, but also how light they are. That's my main factor, as it puts less stress on the components of my r/c car, and I think it can pick up quicker, so better performance is always fun. I can imagine for flying the light batteries are key too, maybe even more so than cars, as you guys have to fight gravity more.

This thread is so helpful, and I am sure it has prevented some misuse of the years. Really nice to see.

Thanks again!

Edit: Also, I mentioned about the extra part I ordered with a charger, it's called a battery balancer. It makes sure that the 2 cells are balanced before it charges them. Never can be too safe I think. From what it advertises it also tracks that the cells discharge at the same rate evenly as well. I think this could potentially help the batteries last longer by starting off safely each time. I was going to go with just an a/c adaptor cheapo charger, but I use those for my nimh and nicds, and it's not very precise, so it probably ruins the batteries fairly quick compared to a charger that has some intelligence built in. A multi charger that offers safety features across the board for r/c batteries seemed like the safest, and best idea.
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