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ST Models ASW-28 Scale graphics project

Some points after going through all the fixes in this thread and analyzing the sailplane...
- Spinner and prop look horrible. It might work well, but just has a pug nose look, poor little guy. I painted the stock one white which helps a little bit. Working on an easy direct scale replacement, stay tuned on this....

- Cockpit and canopy lines are over exaggerated in the roundness shape and the black tape had to go. I added my interpretation and feel with white vinyl to make the cockpit and canopy more scale looking.

- Winglets are so fragile that they feel like snapping off if touched too hard or if you looked at them wrong... Silly, TOTALLY fixed that, see note, photos and captions below.

(WINGLET NOTE: I've recently covered one of my ST models DG-1000 fuselages with light weight spackle filler (LWS), 3M Super77 spray glue, light cloth cotton fabric, CA glue (for the seams), Minwax Polycrilic Water Based Polyurethane (WBPU) and a final coat of Krylon white paint. STUNNING results and only added a little weight for a total AUW of 968 grams.

Anyway, I thought I would give a go with the ASW-28 winglets and try the same method but, instead of the Minwax WBPU I used Zap CA right on the cloth (yuppers, just soak 'er right up) to create an AMAZINGLY strong wing tip. Crazy. I almost need to run a strip of the same mixture under the wing to connect it on, it is that strong. After discovering this, I am contemplating covering my other DG-1000 fuselage the same way.)

Suisse ASW-28 graphics
Added some of my sticker set graphics from an extra proof set I had laying around of my ASK-21 kits and made it look special I'll be adding the ASW-28 set to my website.

Cockpit detailing
I dialed in an ultra scale HK pilot and painted the cockpit with Tamiya PC grey, black paints. I made the pilot a head rest seat by taking a photo from Alexander Schliecher's ASW-28 website of the REAL interior fabric, duplicating this into a fabric swatch in Photoshop, then printing it out on my ink-jet on paper to fit over a balsa head rest. Used 3M Super77 spray glue and applied the 'fabric' like it was the real deal, by making corner cuts, etc. then CA glued it in. Width is 1.85" for the seat.

REAL deal scan of ASW-28 cockpit fabric headrest, printed out on an ink-jet!

Install HK Ultra Scale pilots by; remove canopy, trace pilot outline in foam, cut out foam, CA glue back in flat, paint canopy, glue pilot in, then add finished head rest.

Spinner off, graphics on.

On the bench for Rx set-up, alt. spinner research.

Fabric swatch left overs, seat outline.

Winglet with 3M Super77 spray glue, cloth fabric.

Underside of winglet with CA glue on LE/TE to secure.

Topside of winglet with CA glue on LE/TE to secure.

Add pencil lines to help with cutting.

Cutting with fresh xacto #11 blade.

Cutting with sharp scissors help too.

Use Zap Medium CA to soak ALL the fabric. Epoxy like strength but, lightweight.

Threaded motorshaft sans prop hub.

Trimmed cloth and CA

Sanded Cloth

AMAZINGLY strong. MoF, the winglet is stronger than the whole wing! Next will be light weight spackle filler and then red paint.

ASW-28 seat fabric swatch
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