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K, here we go :
  • Weight: 1.7Kg to 1.85Kg depending on 1 or 2 battery setup
  • Motor: Turnigy 35-36 1400KV
  • Prop size: 9x6 APC like (HK)
  • ESC: Turnigy Trust 70A under wing + vent hole, ferrite on Bec out (signal only used)
  • Separate BEC: Turnigy 3-5A, added 470uF caps and ferrites on both in/out
  • Servos used: HXT-900
  • Flight battery: 1 or 2 x Gens Ace 3S 4000mA 25C
  • Video battery: Gens Ace 3S 2500mA 25C or Turnigy 3S 1000mAh
  • Flight cam: Sony KX-171
  • Recording cam: Ebay #11 Keychain 720p + Ebay 180deg fisheye lens
  • VTX: 1W Lawmate 1.2Ghz
  • VTX antena: DIY tuned Vee (RG-316, 14awg copper wire), 1.2 or less SWR (Bird 43 and Daiwa CN-801SII)
  • RX: Dragon link
  • RX antenna: DIY tuned dipole (RG-316, 24awg servo wire) on the tail, 1.2 or less SWR (Bird 43)
  • RX RSSI sends: DIY RSSI buffer using op-amp + cap + ferrite
  • Stabilizer: Feyutech FY-20A, knobs at 3/4 for elevator and ailerons
  • OSD: ET OSD Pro
  • OSD to VTX/CAM:Shielded cables, 2 x 24awg conductors, 1 ground
  • LRS: Dragon link
  • Cruise minimal consumption: 8-10A@30Km/h cruise
  • Climb minimal consumption: 20A
  • Max speed: 111Km/h @ 38A @ 402W
  • Average flight times: 27 - 32 min on a single 4000mAh battery, 75-85% used @ 10.4V
  • Average distance reached: Easily 7Km (14Km+ round trip)
  • Max winds: Fun: 30km/h or less, Flyable but not that fun: 35km/h to 40Km/h
  • RTX: Dragon link
  • RTX antena: Diamond 771 (tested, 1.2 or less SWR)
  • VRX 1 and 2: Lawmate 1.2Ghz (model without battery)
  • Diversity: ET EE
  • VRX 1 antena: eBay +-13dBi Yagi, moded to be tuned SWR 1.2 or less
  • VRX 2 antena: Hyperlink/L-Com 8dBi patch, stock
  • Ground station battery: Zippy (HK) 3S 4000mAh
  • Power box: DIY heavily filtered (combination of ferrite, caps for each output)
  • Video distribution: BOSS 4 channel video amp
  • Flight recording: Security camera 2000's 2 channel DVR (black)
  • Flight control viewing: Fatshark base (new version), 2S 2100 Zippy LiPo
  • Flight backup viewing: HAIER 10'' monitor

Hope didn't forget anything... :P
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