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  • Weight: 59-62oz (1.67-1.75kg) CG 30-35mm behind servo wiring slots.
  • Motor: Scorpion Scorpion SII-3008-1220KV (V2)
  • Prop size: APC 10x6 folding with MAXX 40mm spinner adapter for 5mm shaft
  • ESC: Scorpion Commander 55 under wing w/ vent hole in side of fuse. Its built in BEC powers RC Rx and 6 servos
  • Separate BEC: DPCAV any2any + DPCAV LC filter supplies 12V to Vid Tx, and Turnigy 3-5A BEC supplies 5V to camera and mic.
  • Servos used: HS-65MG all around. Also used bevrc's little MG servos and they're fine
  • Single flight & video battery: Hyperion 3S 25C 4000-5000mAh.
  • Cruise minimal consumption: 6.5A (about 75W)
  • Max speed: 50-55mph
  • Max flight times: 30ish min on a single 4000mAh battery, but usually burn through it flying faster in about 18-20 minutes.
  • RC LRS: TSLRS or TSLRS Pro or Rangelink UHF
  • RCRX: TSLRS LR Rx with a couple 3300uF caps to buffer the power so it'll play nice with my Hyperion digital servos on P&T.
  • RCRX antenna: stock
  • RC RSSI indicator: dpcav RSSI LCD screen, mounted where I can look down at it with flight cam (no OSD) Needs 6V power.
  • Flight cam: RCV922 (or here) on full homemade pan & tilt with head tracking
  • Recording cam: GoPro Hero2 1080p medium wide angle on pan servo Y'd off flight cam's pan channel
  • VTX: Sunsky FOX800 (about 600mW) 1.3Ghz
  • VTX antena: Simple homemade Vee (formed from core and twisted/soldered shield ground) high on tail. Alternate BlueBeam Cloverleaf
  • VRX: Standard single A/V output 4ch Racewood 1.2-1.3Ghz Rx with SAW filter mod. Much better selectivity than cheap Sunsky 12ch Rxs which do not work with UHF RC Txs nearby.
  • Diversity (when used): Oracle
  • VRX antenna 1: Re-tuned 1.2Ghz to 1.3Ghz (makes *huge* difference) L-COM 8dB patch, or 3 turn 7dB Helical CP
  • VRX antenna 2: omni SPW or Virevent
  • Ground station battery: Any big 3S battery. Use old puffed ones that still deliver full capacity but only at low current.
  • Video distribution:Whatever diversity provides + OnVon 5 way powered video splitter (been extremely reliable). Also often retransmit on 5.8Ghz to 2nd Fatshark 5.8Ghz goggles.
  • Flight recording: Lawmate PV-1000 DVR and Aitptek MPVR+CB (aka DV5800) as backup. FPV-Japan and clones are proven alternative.
  • Flight control viewing: wired Fatshark Aviator (old 2.4ghz version that I use A/V in), and sometimes new 5.8Ghz Fatshark Aviator - powered off cheap 2S 1000 Lipos
  • Flight backup viewing: Lawmate PV-1000 has a nice big screen

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