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Last night I went to the field to fly the Huck. I re-installed the E-flite 4200Kv motor that I thought was bad but turned out to be the ESC. I got off work late so I just grabbed the Huck a couple of batteries and the radio. I figure I'm just going to have enough daylight for 2 flights. NOT! Stupid me took off the tail section to make an adjustment to the elevator servo. I had to unplug the motor and I'm sure you guess it in plugging the motor back in I reversed the wires! STUPID! I always check that my control surfaces are going to right direction, I've preached this to others at the field all season because we have had 3 planes this year crash because of a reversed control surface. It was kinda funny I powered it up check the controls and applied power and it moved backwards. I kinda shocked why did it do that so I applied power again and it did the same then I heard giggling behind me and one flying buddy said Doug turn your plane around maybe it will fly backwards!!! LOL It always feels good to be at the butt end of the joke. The bad thing was I didn't bring any tools so I couldn't reverse the motor wires. So I got to hang around and watch the others fly and make fun of me the rest of the night...... Next flight planned for Thursday.

A little off topic here but when I got home I fixed the Hack and then worked on my new jet that I wanted to maiden this weekend. It is a Sapac 70mm T-45 GosHawk, I'm finished with the plane just needed to install a new Ice 100amp ESC and Bec then she is complete. After installing them I gabbed a 3s lipo just for the first power up and plugged it in. The rx and bec powered up but the esc was dead no response. Looked the system over I started smelling something burning, I quickly unplugged the battery and got a slit burn on my hand from the battery pack! Surface temp of the battery was 194 degrees and I just had it plugged in for less then a minute. I pulled the esc out and could smell the burnt component odor coming from it. Bummer all my connections where right BEC, power connections and motor. I purchased this unit it March so it should still be under warranty so off to Castle it goes. Looking on there web-site they have a 3 week turn around time posted so I'm guessing a Month. I really wanted to fly the T-45 and see what a bigger jet flys like. I guess that will have to wait.
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