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wasp v3 6ch help!


I am praying someone can give me some advice as I am at my wits end!

I have read many of the wasp threads already.
I have a wasp v3 6 ch helicopter. Since getting this I have had no end of troubles with it. Main problem being the tail would not stay still but would spin out of control. I have gotten this partially solved but not quite right, now i see the factory test videos. I am now looking at the belt, seeing as the rest of the helicopter was put together by someone who clearly was thinking about what he/she wanted to do at the weekend.

List of things I have noticed so far.
1. I believe the swash plate should be level aka 180 degrees. mine was angled to the front at an angle of as much as 15 degrees. upon further investigation I would put this down to the inbalance front to back of the helicopter, being rather tail heavy. I put the swash plate level and the helicopter would lift with its tail stuck on the floor and fly backwards if you corrected this with the controls it would then head backwards again once you let go.

2. Now the tail belt in the instructions and the diagram that comes on cd with it shows the belt doing different things to how the actual helicopter is. to explain imagine you have the two shafts, the main one where the drive comes from which lays horizontal and the tail pulley that stands vertical. the blades spin clockwise therefor pulling the belt on the left hand side ( as if you were looking at the heli from the back) this side leads to the bottom of the tail pulley, therefor spinning the tail blades clockwise (if you are looking from the left side, aka opposite side to the blades) The diagram on the instructions shows this the opposite way, it comes from the left but goes to he top of the tail pulley. Can any one confirm which way this goes, as my belt catches on itself in its current way and the other way would mean the blades spin the opposite way.

3. according to the instructions at 0 throttle it advises the pitch of the blades should be 0 degrees. Mine came set at 6 degree's should it be like this or set too 0?

4. tail not holding position - I have tried loosening and tightening the belt, i have even replaced the belt, I have moved the servo to every position possible. I have turned up the gyro which helped for a bit bit now had no different effect. Looking further into it the rear tail shaft looks bent. Would this stop it from holding its position? I have not crashed the heli or damaged the back so this bent shaft must have come from the factory like this.

5. the fly bars should be perfectly flat aka 0 degrees, not at +3 as mine came set too?

6. the helicopter should be balanced from holding by the fly bar across the helicopter the tail should not dip right down being a good 2 inches lower than the skids?

7. tail servo moves say 60 degrees to the front but will only move 10 from its "central point" to the back is this a broken servo or how it is meant to be?

I personally at the end of my tether with this helicopter, i fully understand that these are clever little machines and plenty of work goes into them but i have spent over 15 hours playing with this thing to no avail. I did yesterday evening manage to have the tail hold its heading for a 1 battery worth, then when i put it on again it was all different and would not hold its heading. That 8 minutes was great... but that's all i have had out of hours and hours and days wasted playing with this thing.

Any advice greatly received and sorry for the huge first post.
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