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In an effort to improve the flight handling for fast forward flight and wind as well as added endurance, I have decided to make some big changes for this quad. I also have noticed lines in my video as well as the goggles getting very hot.

First things first, I revamped my ground station to help my goggles and vRx to run cooler and cleanup any noise. I now run both my goggles and the vRx off a Castle Creations 10amp BEC set at 7.4 volts. I can use a 2 or 3s pack interchangeably. When my Rx needs 12volts, I have a feed cable right after the battery connection that will give whatever the battery out is. Torrid wraps on all power inputs. I also put torrid wraps on the camera to tx connection. My video is nice and crisp with no more wavy lines or fuzziness.

For the quad, I have decided to reduce as much weight as possible and move to a smaller, tighter frame with less flex. So I am going to swap out the 550mm arms for the 450mm ones. Since I only use one motor on each arm, I don't need the X8 motor mounts taking up weight. I suspect some of my problems with more aggressive flight has to do with the fact the 550 arms flex and bent allot. This change drops the weight about 45-50 grams alone.
I will use the same electronics, but will likely cut out excess wiring and the extra plates and move some gear out onto the arms. I am starting over with the setup too. Redo radio calibration, ESC calibration and change motor timing to high. I hope to drop at least 150 grams, maybe more. Time will tell if this was worth it.

Edit: I completed the rebuild and my final weight comparisons are:

Before: 1058g No Lipo
Now: 910g No Lipo

My AUW before with 3s 3000 lipo was 1295g
My AUW now with 3s 3000 lipo is 1145g

So I got close to my goal. If I can come up with lighter landing gear then that will put me closer to 200g lighter than before. Flight tests this weekend.
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