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Hey Guys, still working out the bugs with my V400 and the tail glitch. Even with the gentle stock motor installed, the tail seemed to glitch at least once per battery. Upon doing some hand-held spooling, I noticed a small vibration coming from the tail. At certain frequencies, the vibration was enough to be noticeable thoughout the whole heli. Okay, so I used some Scotch Tape to balance the tail blades. That particular vibration is gone now and the tail seems a bit more stable.

But then, the stock motor started suffering from anomalous power variations (for lack of a better term) again, with the new stock ESC. It's confusing because this started happening even though the motor didn't seem too hot to the touch after a full 10 minutes of non-stop flying. Since this is the same behavior that happened with the previous ESC, I doubt it is the ESC that is the actual problem. I am thinking that the now dirtier commutator could be the problem, but that's just a guess.

So, back on goes the brushless system. It's nice -- the brushless doesn't suffer from power variation issues, even though the tail motor still needs adjusting so that it will keep up with the more power main motor (getting some pretty incredible tail wag on punch out). As for the ole tail glitching issue, I had one minor glitch happen during 3 battery packs of flight, so the glitch does seem to be a lot less of an issue than before.

What is curious, though, is that all of a sudden I noticed the skids jiggling in the 3:00 & 9:00 directions, as though the pinion gear was too tight. But this time, the pinion is not too tight. At the beginning of the next pack, during spooling I let the heli just sit on the ground for a few second running at 0-degrees pitch to let the gyro settle down (assuming it got some how confused). Seemed to work, the jiggling was gone.

Even though I'm slowly getting things to work better, I don't know if it will ever be completely glitch-free.
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