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Originally Posted by saabguyspg View Post
ok you guys have me quite interested here... I have built many mikrokopters and want something different....

is the first page the most up to date like other threads? or is there somewhere in the middle I should start reading...

Any tips on what to read for this and where to buy all the parts (north america) would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Steve, welcome!

Have to say documentation have to get better, but i added a second a go a link to a spreadsheet in which every pin get a meaning for the multiwii.
The setup of every multiwii is quite similar, in my case usinf a atmega 2560 instead of the smaller 328, which simply give more options.
It shouldnt be too hard for someone who was able to build several mikrokopters.

The main part, CPU Board, the Flyduino will arrive middle of this week i hope.
Some sensors are needed too, this is may the most tricky part as there are many options.
From simple WMP NK or BMA020, to some fullfeatured 9DOF sollutions, Freeimu, Atmel Boards, Allinone imu etc.
Not that few, most of them are very similar in the components and only need a simple comment in Alex soft and you are ready to go.
The senosrs are similar connected like you did before with your ESC.
The ESC now are driven by a PWM signal, they can be simply directly connected to the Flyduino, no brainer.
YOur RX channels too, you can use both regular and ppm RX.
Of course there is something to learn, best place to start,, but lots of people got working configs and are nice guys who like to help.

There are also very great other projects, Megapirate and Aeroquad, at least the Megapirate fully supports my flyduino, but for the start, Multiwii .... its pure fun.
If you got used to it and want to play more, try the pirate, GPS is allready implemented and working.
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