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from memory I just used Adobe 10 to scale my build down to 595 mm wingspan. The chord is 220mm at the tip and 270mm at where the wings meets the tail section. These measurement include the 30mm ailerons & 15mm stock balsa l/e. I used 6mm depron for the main wing etc and 3mm for the KFm-4 panels and fuse base.
The fuse is 95mm long in front of the l/e and 50mm wide & 65mm deep at a point under the l/e. This rises to 60mm deep and 55mm wide at the motor mount and tapers to 50mm at the wings t/e and 40mm high at the elevator. The fuse tapers to 40mm wide at the mid point of the wing and to 12mm at the elevator end.
The total fuse length is 540mm including the 25mm elevator which has proved to have plenty of authority as have the 30mm ailerons.
I arrived at these dimensions after measuring my 1000 & 1600 (long & thin type) 3 cell lipo's which I planned to use. I wanted to have a top lipo hatch and figured that a 2mm correx flap would be an ideal way of creating a simple durable access way. Both sizes of lipo's get pushed back 70mm into the fuse and there is a vented vertical bulk head to stop the pack moving backwards. Velcro stops any forward movement
I did glue in a few more vertical b/h's from about the mid point of the wings backwards.. Once I was happy with the lipo compartment I could decide on where to glue the horizontal lipo tray. The HK orange 2.4 RX is mounted at the front with the offset esc behind and both are retained with velcro. The lengthened esc battery wires pass up through the vertical bulk head into the rear of the lipo compartment. Make sure the wire is long enough to plug in the lipo outside the fuse as it's much easier and there is plently of space to stow the wires inside.
My birch ply motor mount has a cut out at it's bottom edge and the lipo tray has a cut out at the front. This allows cooling air to pass over the lipo and out of the vented vertical bulk head. It also allows air to pass over the esc (that's why its offset) and the air exits from a square cut out 215mm from the fuse front.
The build has exceeded my expectations and proved to be very tough. Have a look at my earlier video of the wing separating in flight and the rather rapid vertical nose plant The only damage was a split motor mount and a dislodged lipo tray fixed with epoxy and UHU Por.The wing was undamaged. And it was my fault as I'd cartwheeled the plane just before the structural failure
She fly's as if on rails (to use that old cliche beloved by motoring hacks) and is very aerobatic, especially on my set up of A2208/12 1800kv with APC 7x4e prop. shows the newer version.
Just start out on low rates until you get the feel of her. Enjoy
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