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"Hush" mod.

I retired my trusty ARC 28-37-3 after nearly 4 years of service.
It still works. But the bearings have worn enough that while static, the shaft "rattles" when I shake the motor.

I want to quiet the plane a bit so I replaced it with a simple bell motor, a 1400 kV Towerpro brushless bell motor turning a 6 X 5 cut from a 7 X 5 prop. The bell motor allows me to offset the prop further aft. I think that the airplane will be quieter with the wider, higher pitch, slower turning prop, with a bigger clearance from the fuse.

I mounted the bell motor on a simple plastic "pill box".:

I cut it to about 30 mm long and punctured the mounting holes using a heated paperclip. I think this method prevents cracks from originating from the holes.:

Here's what it looks like with them motor mounted:

I then made the electrical connections and used double sided tape and packing tape to mount it into the fuse:

Here's what it looks like on the plane:

I test flew it today. My wife commented that it was noticeably but not significantly quieter. On this set-up, the plane requires a minim of about 3.5 amps to hold altitude, same as with the ARC. However, at WOT, it only draws about 13 Amps, about half of what the ARC drew. The reduced high end power is quite noticeable. I'm not sure yet if I am going to miss the high end power. Probably. I'm already thinking of replacing it with a 1600 kV motor.

We'll see in the next couple of flights...

EDIT: I have settled on a 6 x 6 prop cut down from a 7 x 6 prop...It is quieter, indeed. As well, most of the high end power is available again. At WOT, it now draws about 23 amps. This is my configuration. I'm very happy with it...
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