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HELP ! FATAL CRASH when loaded Skys with FPV

Successful maiden with SkyS; bird flew extremely well with much help from RC Blog Skys Mods, thanx to Prof 100, AJBaker, and everyone : I knew up front to get the weaknesses of the model right: all moving surfaces 3M taped, all servo horns dubro, even used soldered dubro ball joint rudder attachment with linkage guidance/router to make sure I get the extra credit as a kiss as$ student.... all four servos HS MG's, with HiMax engine, and CC 10A BEC and FY20A.

%%% Problem and fatal crash on pre-FPV test flight: loaded full EagleTree FPV gear, with readymaderc pod-camera system, went out to maiden with the Already tested JR9Channel Tx with FrSky module and FrSky 8channel Rx, and Flight stabilization by FY20A; again the added equipment was the FULL eagletree gear: 1. OSD Pro, 2.Logger, 3.GPS AND, Camera/Pod 4. 900hz Vid.Tx, 5. SN540 RMRC Camera (powered by separate BEC battery, Hyperion 450mah 3S Lipo)

FATAL CRASH notes: as planned did NOT use ground station yet or even turn on any GS components as I was doing final flight testing with full FPV gear TURNED ON to make sure flight characteristic and RF environment was safe (looked good in the garage I tell you ! and all RTH programming and ET flight simulations where successful with the properly functioning pan and tilt outfitted EagleEye on my tripod; just in case it the way RTH command programming in OSD PRO was on. Again maybe it does not matter as GS was completely off (still in the car).

I have included photo of component placement; anyways, every time I flew within seconds engine would cut off, and some glitch would show, then few second later engine would cut off again, so I would land; I never dared to fly more than 100 feet away and brought her home; played with plane's antenna positioning and range tested w/plane 3feet on wooden bench and I walked out 90meters (3x of the 30meter range test rec. and I still had signal); one note: I never did GUN the motor during range testing (is that important?) which was the case in the air when it kept cutting off and glitch, on the ground I would test moving surface and slight motor run. OK this all I can think of, please HELP ! if you have any ideas to crack this nut of a bad crash: I hit asphalt from about 60 feet up at 45 degree when FS went into effect lasted at least 2 seconds this time and the last second i flipped remote FY20 but no effect, and of course elevator with zero effect.

So sad in my fpv career of 6 months I only got to goggle up one time on a skywalker (that liked to spiral of death) and never got any goggle time with this set up, however, I am not ready to give up FPV as I still have plenty of vinegar left in my tank...crashing hurts but I am getting faster at the set ups, thanks to all of you and all the knowledge you have made available thus far....crist rigotti your pencil markings/fpv schematic saved me hours this time compared to my previous late night wirings on my Skywalker; as a thank you I have posted the one single proper video I did make with my late Skywalker a decent flyer with very very very bad habits ! here it is, I hope you like it:

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