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I survived!

I got back from my survial course today and i lived, so i passed. i spent 3 cold, windy and rainy nights in the middle of the woods and 4(YES 4) long days starving. building ground to air signals and other things. every now and then someone wouldl walk around and make sure no one is hurt or to toss a tiny package out of an MRE at you, or sometimes even to taunght you by eating pizza or pouring pop slowly on the ground in front of you. i made some of the best friends in my life(we lived together for 3 weeks so there more like my brothers now). i also know some people who went bush crazy for real, one of my friends saw a guy talking to himself sharpning a stick saying to himself " Don't worry i can protect myself" over and over, he was pulled out because he couldn't handle it. also there is lots more stuff but i'm half sleeping so i might post some pictures if i get some sent from my friends soon or i might not.
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