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Today I finished the plane and even managed the first two flights!

The receivers are located on the outside of the fuselage, mainly to keep space reserved inside and to have the best direct line back to the transmitter as possible.

I need to tidy up eventually but might be best to leave that until I locate all my other fpv components.

Firstly I launched and it nosed into the lovely soft barley crop!! Thank you farmer!
Moved the battery back a bit and the next time with a little more oomph she rose up into the darkening evening sky.

It seemed a bit twitchy for a beginner plane so I landed and put the battery back to as far front as possible and launched again.
A bit more stable but with the fading light and still a bit wobbly (may have been gusty above the tree line) I landed.

Good that it flies but may try a little more nose weight, most of my planes fly with a little up elevator anyway!

I got some "shocking pink" paint to really light up the underside of the plane, in the hope that if needed I can re-locate the plane LOS quickly!!

Tommorow I hope to do some simple range tests by having the camera beaming a picture from one corner of the field while I walk around it with the tele!
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