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Originally Posted by eflightray View Post
Flying until a Lipo is 'depleted', is a good way to ruin them.

By 'depleted', I take it you mean that the speed controller cut the motor, but you still had radio control. It's called flying until the LVC, (Low Voltage Cutout), triggers.

Not a good way to fly, much better to do timed flights and land before it gets that low, (if you want Lipos to last).

Once a Lipo has been below a set voltage, it's chemistry is damaged and basically cannot be recovered, or if it does take a charge, it's unlikely to last much longer.

No problem. Lesson learned. I can just order another for $16 or so. Thank you!

I am old skool. My most recent RC history was dominated by AM radio and Nicads. Learning the new stuff quite rapidly.

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