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Originally Posted by zagiflyer67 View Post
  • Alan, thanks for the help. You probably think I am a dunce...just not very confident when building a plane. I do have another question, it is about the servos for the flaps. The manual says to mirro them and they fit in the pre-cut ares, however the servos move in opposite directions. Should I be reversing one of them meaning I need to re-cut the wing to get the servos going the right way or do I have things hooked up wrong by using a Y-harness and plugging into the Aux. Port on my receiver? Scott
Much depends upon the Transmitter and what size receiver is to be used.
If an Aurora 9 - use spare receiver port, reassign that to flaps and mix together with one servo reversed on TX.
Easiest general purpose solution is as in post #4 above:
"Multiplex Easy Cub & Fun Cub - Install Aileron & Elevator - Video"
. 3.35 minutes into video is highlighted "Flap Servos on a "Y" Connector".
This describes enlarging one hole sideways so as to flip the servo over and mount flap horn further over to compensate, refer attached screenshot..
. Size the section of wing to be removed so as to glue as a filler in the original hole.

Alan T.
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