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Originally Posted by TeeJayBee View Post

I should have had mine built by now.....

Wanted to buy one from BRC, phoned Monday to be told they're out of stock (PnP version), they told me they'd be in Wednesday and to phone then, don't think they're open Wed cos it was engaged all day, called today, told they were out of stock still, enquired further and it turns out the only thing they haven't got is the 20A ESC, I asked if they have any others, well of course they have, they've got 25A but it would cost 7 more
Had they told me that on Monday I'd have just bought it there and then

No way I'd have time to build it for this weekend now so I won't bother
Have you got what you need for the mods ?

Wing spar, control horns etc ? (wing spar is a flimsy 5mm tube which folds up and horns are flimsy too alledgedly)

Oddly BRC are aware of this, first guy I spoke to told me they'd had several where the wings folded in flight, second guy tells me he's only ever heard of it once (that was cos I asked for a free 3mm rod to go down the centre of the tube LOL )

I think the tube is just about adequate if you glue the wings on as per the instructions but nobody wants to do that as it's too difficult to transport then, there's some good mods for holding the wings on in flight though
Was gonna glue the wings together anyway but will also look at a stronger rod. The control horns look ok, I've overlapped the epoxy around the horns to surface in order to increase strength.

Crist did you find it necessary to mount the video tx on the tail?
Did it require nose weight to counter balance its position there?

Cheers, mike
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