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Yo Newbie... nice post (who are you?) , but we have a good process, just wanna make it better, and your numbers are off a bit. By my research, we had 52 qualified, but only 30 entrants at the 2010 Team Selects. Am I wrong? wouldn't be the first, or tenth time. Until we have an actual problem of getting too many qualified pilots at a TS, we should include as many contests as we can using the current system of qualifying as has been developed and see where that gets us. Nobody wants to flood the TS with a bunch of pilots just for the sake of having big numbers. We have some cool, large contests to go to throughout the year, and people can plan way ahead to make it to the ones they like. Those big ones should, in my opinion, be automatically set as TS Qualifiers. - (More incentive for some to go in case another reason were needed other than flying in Bruce's back yard) A TS with 40 contestants would be about perfect, and in 3 full days of flying, the 3 at the top deserve to be the team.


Originally Posted by Newbie DLGer View Post
I really disaggree with some of the previous comments and logic

I think the idea that to qualify you only need one point is way too easy- Basically one weekend of good flying and u qualify and if u go to one of the smaller contests with 10-15 pilots, the top two can qualify-ie LISF
I know u want to open it up to as many in the community as possible, and get the best representation at the TS , but u also want to make it so that the TS will select the best pilots to represent the USA

Let's look at last years TS- DESS did a great job there were 50 pilots and 18+ rounds in the prelim

There were only 4? clubs that even put in a bid to host the TS, and I am sure the west coast flyers didn't cry about having to go to the east to fly

if as some of u suggest we open it up to get 70, 80 or 90 like The Bruce, then how many rounds would you get in 2 1/2 days- even with 15 pilots/round and up to 6 flight groups, it would take 1 1/2 hours per round- The Bruce only plans on 10 rounds and then a flyoff- what was the biggest complaint of the pilots at the Worlds- not enough rounds in the preliminaries

The East coast will always have fewer contests to qualify- that's mother nature- nothing is stopping the east coast pilots from traveling to a qualifying event-

Except for York, none of the ESL contests got more than 11 experts in any day of flying, is that representative of a TS qualifying event?

Maybe the committee should poll those people who qualified last year for their suggestions and improvements, but this banter and ideas from people who didn't make the TS and didn't see what it was like at the TS just muddles the process.

For example, let's look at the Worlds- after the first 5 or 6 rounds, the top 10 flyers all had 5000 points- the next ten were separated by around 40 points- it took 4 or 5 more rounds to create more separation, but that was probably more due to weather conditions, than just extra rounds. Most of the pilots really wanted 12-18 rounds in the preliminaries and it sounded as if they were willing to fly an extra day

If we look at some of the local contests with very few flyers, and a large mixture of sportsman and experts, by the time , most of their preliminary rounds were completed those at the bottom had no chance of making the flyoffs- so, in a task like poker, they had nothing to lose in calling a 9:58- generally an unreasonable call for the top pilots who r looking to remain at the top-so in effect, opening up the TS to more pilots could potentially create a situation where pilots who may not have had a chance of making the team,fly for pride while hurting a top pilot

I am not saying that this would occur, but we need a process that pre-selects those people who r the best and then have them compete against themselves- not against the whole dlg community

just my 2 cents
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