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All steel 1/6 scale R/C tank build. Help!

I'm planning on building a 1/6" scale RC tank (VK1602 Leopard), using 1/4" armour steel plate. I already have the plate, and am working on the cardboard templates to cut the panels. I'm going to have the tracks custom cast in iron as well.

Proposed drivetrain will be hybrid, by means of coupling a lawnmower motor to a car alternator, hooked up to a car battery and voltage regulator, to feed all of the controllers, both tread motors, the turret traverse and gun elevation servos, and the gun firing servo.

Size will be about 1.10m long x 5.50m wide x 0.5 m tall.

I estimate that this beast will weigh in around 200lbs or so. However, I have failed to find a pair of 12V electric motors capable of moving this beast at the required 10 km/h. I have also failed to find if there are gearboxes that would allow me both a low and a high gear without employing additional channels. I really want to keep this monster to 5 or 6 channels at most (one for each tread motor, one for turret traverse, one for turret elevation, one for firing the gun, and one for rotating a figure).

Anyone know how I can accomplish this?

Thanks for your your help,
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