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Marblehead Help Needed.- Whirlwind Olympic Winch

First let me declare I am brand new a RC in general and yachts in particular. So be gentle with me.
I have just acquired a very tired Marblehead Registration UK/GB K3694
Its a winter project to restore.. My first problem is the sail winch. It is a Whirlwind Olympic 7.2 V with a white pulley circa 1". The winch has the normal 3 leads from RX for power and signal but also has additional 2 lead for own power supply. The winch is not functioning properly in that on the RX only leads the winch pinch just judders.

With its own power and the RX lead connected to winch the winch rotates continuously anti clockwise. As soon as I try to reverse the rotation with the TX the winch just judders and will not then even rotate anti clockwise. The winch also has a small adjustment screw at the base which doesnt appear to do anything.

So questions;
Can which be recoverd?

If yes any tips?

Does anybody in Uk have one to sell?

If no, can anyone identify a suitable plug and play replacement thet is strong enough to manage a 7foot sail rig?

The replacement needs to be a "pulley system" rather than a lever because or room etc.

Finally does anybody have any knowledge of the yacht K3694.

All help appreciated.
Regards to all
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