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Originally Posted by airbagit13 View Post
AWESOME! Was able to use that and make my LCD the correct rate but my timing was still off. Maybe you can help because its not working, heres video.

to enter the timing adjust mode, you must do this:

1. Turn on your TX.
2. Hold the Rudder to right, dont release it.
3. Now power up your KK board and wait for about 5 seconds before you release the Rudder stick
4. now you are in the Timing adjust mode. (Do pay attention to the baud rate when the KK start, the baud rate may have changed and not in 9600 anymore)
5. now do the Rudder left 2 times (each Rudder stick move, the LED will flash once), with all the system still on, unplug the LCD from KK+ and Plug in again.
6. if it still dont display the correct text, repeat setp 5. If after repeat 3 times still not seeing the right text, repeat the step 5 but this time go with Rudder right.

Remeber to check every time you plug in the LCD, the baud rate must be 9600, else you need to reset the LCD first before you plug it to te KK+.

Understand this is not idea but that is what the Armel chip can do and really beyond my control. This is not unique to KK+.

Last if you really unable to adjust to the right timing, I suggest you flash the firmware again using the flashtool, and do the above step but at step 5, start with rudder right.

Last note, I notice you arm your motor with Rudder left. I am not sure if Tri firmware is with rudder left as default. Hope Mike can advise while I try to flash one board to try it out as I dont fly Tri at all.

(I flashed one board and look at the Tri default Arm is Right side, I suspect your channel setting for the Rudder/Yaw is reversed, not sure why you do that, I can only guess you try to match your tail servo. I will need the others to suggest what changes is needed)
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