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cam stab

Hi guys !

Does anyone have the cam stabilization working from pin 44/45 on the Flyduino 2.0 board.

I'm running MultiWii 1.8.

The code seems to output already on pin 34 + 44 for tilt, and 35 + 45 for roll by default.

#define DIGITAL_TILT_PITCH_PINMODE pinMode(34,OUTPUT); pinMode(44,OUTPUT); // 34 + 44 
  #define DIGITAL_TILT_PITCH_HIGH    PORTC |= 1<<3;PORTL |= 1<<5;
  #define DIGITAL_TILT_PITCH_LOW     PORTC &= ~(1<<3);PORTL |= 1<<5;
  #define DIGITAL_TILT_ROLL_PINMODE  pinMode(35,OUTPUT); pinMode(45,OUTPUT); // 35 + 45
  #define DIGITAL_TILT_ROLL_HIGH     PORTC |= 1<<2;PORTL |= 1<<4;
  #define DIGITAL_TILT_ROLL_LOW      PORTC &= ~(1<<2);PORTL |= 1<<4;
I've connected the +5V from ESC at channel 3 (ESC @ ch 2 is powering the board), but I cannot get the servo's to respond. Power is available at 44-46, but no PPM signal present as it seems.

I've also uncommented #define SERVO_TILT, and marked camstab in the GUI.... Nothing

Also tried the modified 1.7 version from a couple of pages back, also nothing.

A 'lost model beeper' goes crazy when connected to either 44/45/46, so it seems no PPM signal is being sent.

BTW: Receiver / sensors are connected, and working properly

Am I missing something ?
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