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Hmn,that looks familiar
Well,had my maiden this AM and am suitably impressed.
I used 1800 lipos which are a bit light I think as I am still a bit tail heavy with them shoved up as far as possible,will get some new 2200 I think.
With the stock motor (1000kv) and the 13 x 6.5 prop supplied by Bestvaluerc,the thing was pulling very close to 50 amps! My speedy is only 40 amps and was getting pretty bloody hot (the watts were also huge as well...)
Anyway my 12x6 is on my SniperX2 so I decided I would just show some restraint on the throttle...well the prop is too big,I found it either kinda on or off and hard to lock into a hover,plus the motor was getting pretty warm as well.I have put a 13 x 4 on now and yet to fly it,but it is pulling max mid 30's,so much more reasonable.
The actual flying though was great.This plane feels much more like a balsa plane than any foamy I have flown.It reminds me a bit of my sadly departed PA260,though not as twitchy or rocky in harrier.
Knife edge is excellent,though I still need to play with COG a bit I think.
It was a bit windy but it handled it fine.
Managed some knife edge spins,which it does ok,probably due to the fact it has a bit of weight behind it.Parachutes and Walls were also good.
The airframe feels rigid and "tight" in the air,I am very happy with it.
I ended up feeling that I didn't have enough ail throw,so I have dialled in some more (I like a lot for torque rolls and such)
Really this is great value and pretty cutting edge in the foamy department I think(no I'm not getting paid to say it either)
The fact that all the control surfaces have carbon reinforcement in them,really makes it feel heaps crisper/less mushy than your average foamy.
Two thumbs up.
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