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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
The lagging is not a codec issue by itself. I don't get any lagging video when play the native .mov files from within AviDemux, but I do get a slightly garbled audio! Being an editor, AviDemux is doing a lot more with the video than a simple player would need to do when just playing the file, e.g. things like splitting audio track from the video (for possible re-encoding), buffering the original so any filters applied can be shown in both before/after video windows during playback, etc., etc. This all takes extra memory and time to do the data transfer. If your computer does not have enough speed and memory to do this in real time, you get lagging during the playback in the editor. Once the video is reassembled and saved, a simple player only has to decode and spit out the video and audio streams... much less taxing on the computer resources. I have a pretty high powered computer, so that is why I don't get any video lag when playing the video in the editor, I think.

Well not, I have dual core, 4gb Ram..... for example adobe premiere CS5(which is pro) works quick and good, also all other's software. I can also playback blue-ray video...

For these reason I don't think that it's problem in my computer, but I don't know where can be a problem. For editing video you really need "playback" option, to see what you can cut or edit...
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