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I know a different CMOS/lens module had been tried by the developer (claimed to be from the same manufacturer of the CMOS array for the Apple "iEverything" product line). For whatever reason, it did not pan out as being feasible... could be due to cosy/benefit.

I believe the #11 needs to go with a larger CMOS (at lease 3 megapixel, and probably 5 megapixel) and a larger lens so a 1280x720 pixel array can be subsampled near the center of the larger CMOS to eliminate the vignetting and get better exposure across the entire frame.

I had seen a breakdown of the cost of components which go into the iPod touch, and that CMOS assembly is really quite inexpensive. I think the decision was more to do with it not fitting in the case, IIRC.

Speaking of 5 MP sensors, I just came across this new camera from AEE. It's pricy but the sample still image shows very natural colors, clarity and resolution (albeit with some weird fish-eye effect). AEE's products also have much better quality and reliability (I used to own an MD90)
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