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i know the difference between vibration and bouncing im talking about turbulant air not a prop out of balance
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"..get rid of bounce not vibration..."

You'll have to show us what a video with "bounce not vibration" looks like. If it is the "swimming" motion like is seen in the video that RCRobbie posted above, that is from vibration. The camera gets into a harmonic vibration with the vibrations caused by the motor. You can see the effects can come and go with changes in the motor RPM and when the motor is stopped.

I've had good luck using a length of short 1/8" bungee cord as the pulling tension on that can be adjusted. That will hold the camera solidly in place. If the surface it is on has vibrations in it too, you can put a pieces of 1/4" RC foam between the camera and the mount and that will isolate the camera from the vibration in the wing.

The white block seen there sets the look down angle and has Velcro hooks on one side and loops on the other, the camera has loops on it's back. So the angle block attaches to the wing, the camera attaches to the angle block, and then the bungee cord pulls it all together and holds it that way.

The look angle there is the 22 degree one, I have another block that is 18 degrees. The higher you fly the steeper you want to look down to see what is below you. Too steep and too low and everything moves through the camera's view too quickly...


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