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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
I've not heard or seen any video from one of those, and I wonder if it is really a different lens! We measure the AOV to be about 58.2deg. early in the thread based on the corner-to-corner distance of the image captured in a video frame and the distance of the camera from the object. But this is not necessarily the AOV published for a lens. Realistically, the lens AOV has to be bigger than the frame corner-to-corner distance by a good margin to keep vignetting minimized. I don't think there would be any significant fisheye effect with a 72 deg. AOV lens.

If any one has one of these "72 deg." versions, maybe you can post a video and comment on it? A wider AOV should reduce the vignetting we see with all the current videos posted here.
Thanks for the details, Tom. I've been needing a real #11 for a while so I just ordered the one I linked to. I'll post a sample when I get it (10-15 days or so).

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