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Blaze, I can only post my experience, as I don't know how to even use motocalc. I swaped a GWS350 in my Corsair after I burned up the second speed 300, and while I was waiting on the MPjet 25/25-26 to get here. On my Corsair, with 2s 1200 Etecs, the speed 300 was noticably faster. I didn't try any other GB or prop combinations, so it is certainly possible that a GWS 350 can be made faster than a speed 300. I've only had one opportunity to fly with someone that had a GWS Corsair. His was stock, and mine was also (if you accept Speed 300 as stock). He was a much better pilot than I am, and he knew how to use the rudder, so HE flew better than I was capable of. The plane was a no-contest, however. The Alfa was faster, slower, floatier, bigger looping. Probably an unfair comparison, though, as the GWS Corsair weighs a lot more than the Alfa. I really think that the best combo for the Alfa is a Mpjet 25/25-26 (maybe the 25/35) on 3s 1500 Tanics. For as long as the motor lasts, I doubt you'll have any more problems with your friends GWS Corsair. And, of course, your's looks so much better!
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