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I launch all my edf's at a very steep angle. But with well over 1:1 thrust to weight ratio i can point the nose to the sky, just let go of the plane and it will climb vertically out of my hand till out of sight. The extra power makes hand launching very easy. My F-15 is nose heavy and has a lot of down trim dialled in because it wants to climb alot at high speed. If i launched it flat and straight out, you would only have a fraction of a second to get back on the stick before it nosed into the ground. Also there are some very high powered edf setups that will actually torque roll on launch, which can be very risky on a parrallel throw. Obviously if you dont have much power then you have to launch straight out or it will stall into the ground. But as Melnic
said, it depends on your plane and how powerful it is. I got fed up with my friends giving me bad hand launches too close to the ground, and a mad panic to save the plane from crashing by a whisker. So i now hand launch myself.... Straight up.
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