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Originally Posted by 4x4rc View Post
Doubletap, the Superfly-X is the Phoenix with different stickers. Not even a copy, it's the exact same thing.

Be aware of the points I mentioned above, specifically the fragility of the nose area. Also look at the hinges and tape them if required. On mine all were fine and have held up well except the elevator.

Also, there's a relatively hefty weight inside the nose at the very front, embedded in the foam. If you fancy a bigger battery dig it out. The plane will balance nicely by moving the battery back and forth, lots of room inside since there are no servos to get in the way. Speaking of balance, CG right on the mold release "pods" at the front underside of the wing works for me.

You're right about the ailerons, they do work. May want to program some dual rates for the maiden.

Good luck,

- Mark

Right on!, thanks for the feedback. I'll definitely remove the weights so I can use a standard 2200mah 3S. The HK Bixler also had a thick stack of large washers hot glued into the nose for balancing. I always set up my planes with dual rate and plenty of expo, to insure I will have smooth and precise roll control just off center, but at the same time, when I bang the ailerons hard over, I like my planes be able to roll like they were chucked up into a drill motor!
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