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Had a little scare with my brand new Vyper 46" tonight...the plans said "use a generous amount of thick or medium CA in the slot, glue the vertical stabilizer onto the fuselage." So I used a generous amount of medium CA (onto the vertical stabilizer, not the slot!) and then stuck the vertical stab into the got halfway down into the slot and stuck right amount of movement would get it the rest of the way down. After letting loose one or two words that I don't like my kids to hear, I stepped back, with my heart racing and adrenalin brain thinking "oh no what have I done!? I've ruined a brand new plane on step 2 of the instructions!
So I got out the debonder and a flat bladed exacto blade, poured generous amounts of debonder all over the slot, and slowly worked the blade into the slot...after a few moments I started seeing movement, worked the other side of the slot with some more debonder, and within a few minutes, I had the vertical stab removed from the slot...with no broken balsa or damage! Of course at this point my fingers are covered with CA, but that I can deal with. Then I got the debonder out and wiped up all the CA that got all over the place. Then I put everything down and stepped away for a minute so I could let the adrenaline rush calm down. Whew...that was a close call. I'll have to get a new bottle of debonder after this little escapade.
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