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Originally Posted by Ispintechno View Post
Yep. I think I'll be pulling the gear off the F-18 and add packing tape the underside for strength and slipperyness on the rough ground. Now that I can actually fly the F-4 I think the F-18 will seem a bit easier. When I did a ground test testing the modified nose gear the lift was staggering, she wanted to fly with almost no airspeed. I'm guessing down the road when I can fly her properly, I could probably add spoileron and fly high alpha with her. But that's in my head, I clearly make mistakes with my mental physics engine 1.0 lol.
Another "three mistakes high" maneuver till you get the hang of it. I use colored duct tape on the bottom of mine, (red), not only for protection from dents in the foam on landing, but for visibility and orientation, (old(er) eyes ya know).
Originally Posted by Melnic View Post
Here's a tip, if you fly off of grass and you want to have more fun, think of getting a plane you can hand launch and belly land. Hand launching an EDF is an artform. I like to give a hard toss but it has to be straight. Like throwing a football with NO SPIRAL. Not natural. It helps if someone else does the toss but for me, I find I can't always get someone who knows what they are doing.
You're right, hand launching an edf is a nail biter the first few times, but it becomes "natural" with practice. Biggest mistake folks make is tossing at an up angle, when they should be tossing straight and level to allow the plane to spool up and gain airspeed before climb out.

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