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Originally Posted by Neil Morse View Post
Thanks for posting those photos, Ron. A very productive maiden flight this morning. The big Sukhoi required very little trimming and was a real floater with the 70g 2830T/1095 Torque motor with an 11X5.5 prop and a 3S Gens Ace 1550 pack. There was no problem balancing the plane, and I had a wide range of possible CG choices to fool around with. I was very conservative with my flying because the battery was just velcro'd onto the side of the fuse and I didn't want to anything too violent. When I settle on the CG, I will cut a slot in the foam so the battery is well-secured. But it flew like the smaller RC Factory planes, only in slow motion -- a lot of time to think about what you were doing. I want to experiment some more before I settle on this power system. I think a slightly bigger motor (2818T/900 Torque, for example) might be a better fit. That would be 104g as opposed to 70g, but it seemed from today's flying that the airframe could handle a bit more weight.

Chris, can you tell me more specifically what power system you felt was too heavy and what you AUW was? Thanks.

Neil I felt the 70 gram motors are the best bet. The 100 to 120 motors start to make the plane very bendy IMO.

Today I flew it with a 70 gram Motrolfly and an 1800 3s and it was pretty good. if I were to build it again I think I would put a tube int he fuse or ladder brace it in some way to reduce the twisting that the tail has.


For me this plane is the most fun to fly when it is light and floaty. it has very similar flight to some of the smaller profile Twited Hobbys birds on a light setup. For me the 3D performance of this plane starts to diminish when you get over 70 grams with the motor. The extra weight in the nose makes the tail more twisty.

In terms of which large Twisted Hobbys EPP planes to buy, I think the large RCF SU29 is good for a more floaty and relaxed setup and the Telink gear is more designed for higher performance and complexity. Not saying one is better than the other but different people would like each one.

We did a very quick vid:

Twisted Hobbys - RC Factory 1.2 Meter SU29 (2 min 29 sec)
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