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Another feature of wing sweep is the section is thicker as mentioned not only aerodynamcially, but structurally.
Thin, say 10% when looking from the front, the way the air comes in, but thicker when looked at perpendicular to the leading edge, in terms of chord to thickness.
One of my bosses used to say the reason for wing sweep was to increase the internal volume of the wing, without making it thicker.
A thicker wing is also stiffer.
And it not precisely correct to say spanwise flow produces no lift..
When I was testing verticals on a finless tailless sloper, I found it was quite happy.. for a short time... sliding sideways in the span direction!
The controls made no difference in what happened. being , in that mode, deflecting along the flow direction, instead of perpendicular to it.
With any sort of a vertical, this "quality" went away.. thank goodness!
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