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First Annual mid-America 3DHS fly-low-in, featuring the National AJ Slick convention

First Annual mid-America 3DHS fly-low-in, featuring the first National AJ Slick convention.

(Fifth actual Fly-Low-In, but first time in this new Mid-America location)

Dates: Thursday May 31st thru Sunday June 3rd 2012.

Location: "Galaxy Park", Southeast Missouri Modelers Association Flying Field in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Round up your Slicks, folks! This is gonna be a big one!

The event will include:

4 days of Stick Banging, Low-Flying, 3D heaven!

Although the first "National AJ Slick Convention" will be held in conjunction with this event, this is also "The mid-America 3DHS fly-low-in". And any addict knows what that means! Every manner of 3D and 3DHS aircraft will be in attendance! Addicts need no explanation, but if you are new to 3DHS and just want to see what they have to offer, this is the event that you definitely want to attend. You'll soon be an addict, too!

Saturday Flight demos by Arron Bates (theKM), Joe Smith (joesmith285) and "the man" himself, Andrew Jesky!

3DHS will offer a prize for best custom-recovered AJ Slick.

After the demos on Saturday, We'll be calling all Slicks together for the most incredible photos ever taken to commemorate one of, if not THE most awesome RC airframe ever manufactured! You'll want to be there! We're going to make RC history!

Lighted Night Flying Thur, Fri & Sat.

2 pools to cool your hot rudders and elevators.

Harrier bowling.

Raffle, good food, drinks

Live video feed thanks to RCG "prozac". Those who can't attend can still be a part of the action.


the 1st annual "Freestyle After Dark" event will be held Saturday night. We'll announce exact rules later, but for now it's:

Electric aircraft, balsa construction, at least 40" wingspan (but since the flight line will be pushed out from the judges for night flying, you're going to need a plane big enough to present).
Timed flight (I'm leaning to 3 min)
Music optional but recommended.

Cash & prizes TBA!

We'll finalize this later.


Shuttle service for you, family members or whoever needs to get around town.

Campers & generators welcome, no RV hook-ups currently available. (we may be adding electrical hook-ups soon, I'll keep you posted)

Plenty of electricity currently available and we intend to spread it further down the flight line as well!

More info to come!

Field info: Southeast Missouri Modelers Association Flying Field

Google Map Thanks Dave!

Lots of good food within a few minutes of the field.

Regular Open AMA membership is required to fly at the field.
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