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navigator, i went through a similar type of issue with the brushed motors before I switched. The symptoms sounded similar to yours, but after switching to the brushless I haven't had any problems. Granted I haven't had it running in a while, but that should change by this weekend (gotta cut the grass after work today, or else i'd finish it up now). I've been putting the little v120 to some good use though

The thing that struck me as most odd about your glitch that you had, is that you said it played a musical note.... Those notes come from the esc, but the walkera esc and the brushless esc (which brand are you using?) make different tones. I can tell the difference on mine because the walkera one is usually just a high pitch beep, where the other one is a lower pitched musical sounding tone. If it came from your walkera esc, then that's likely your problem. If it came from the brushless esc, it could still be either the signal converter or the walkera esc (but not the brushless since you already switched that out). I'm just trying to think what type of signal the brushless esc would have to receive to glitch the motor and play a tone. Sounds like it might have just lost it's power temporarily. Anyway, not sure if this will help debug, but that's my thoughts on the issue...

oh, and don't worry about the long post, i get carried away like that sometimes too
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