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Hi Barnstorm100, thanks for the tip. I use a LIPO in the Tx--it's plugged in solid as a rock. Acutally, I have the hardest time getting the LIPO unplugged when it comes time for charging.

Yesterday, my new Esky motor and RTF-Heli pinion gear arrived at the door. The pinion is a perfect fit, but the motor had to be worked on to get it into the heli--solder new leads, remove a weird mounting plate from the motor, shorten the mounting bolts to fit in the V400.

After a while, got the whole thing installed into the heli with just the right pinch of free play between the pinion and main gear. It is interesting that the motor is so much easier to hand-turn than the Alpha 400, but the 3950kV of the Esky is immediately obvious during spool up, even more powerful.

So, I decided to run two packs this morning with maybe 10 minutes of cooling time between. The good news is this motor-pinion combo seems a lot more smooth, pretty much zero cogging at start up. The bad news is that the glitch is still present. But a bit more good news is that it only glitched one time during each battery pack, which is much less than before.

What's weird is that during the second glitch, the motor actually played a "musical note," kind of like during the binding process. During the musical note, the tail jerked CCW for a split-second and then immediately corrected itself. This is clearly a motor misfire, but I don't think it's the motor's fault. Rather, there's something glitchy in the signal to the motor.

There's just not much left to check in the system--only the stock brushed ESC and the signal converter remain. While I may have a glitchy signal converter, it is the stock ESC that is drawing my attention now. As I mentioned above, I am wondering if the stock ESC was killing my brushed motors all along, just making me think the motors were going out. None of my brushed motors ever "burned out;" they would just get weaker with hit and miss performance. They would have good performance, then all of a sudden the motor would get weaker with a corresponding change in sound, then sometimes the performance would improve, scaring the crap out of me. This behavior would just get worse over time. Once this "weakness" happened right at spool up, I just assumed the motors were toast.

Only problem with this is that the last motor got super weak right at spool up, before the motor even had a chance to get overheated. The motor only has about 5 flights on it, and the brushes look just fine. Could it be the Walkera ESC causing this? If so, I wonder what effect this would have on the signal converter and the brushless system performance?

I apologize for such a long post--I have so many thoughts about this, the post grew too long before I noticed.
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