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Originally Posted by Skree View Post
FrSky - Please express the release of the rejigged FDD-Lite.

I don't want a fancy case, the plastic tape package will do as i'll be removing that anyway. I don't want a big display clipped to my TX - i want to fit a second display in the TX housing.

Please make it so we can change what the individual screens display! I would like to be able to display two temperatures and one voltage on the one screen - all other parameters could be displayed on further screens. although it would be nice to also display triaxial accelerometer readings and RSSI on that same screen.

Please also make it so we can save the voltage divider setting so we can just switch it on and go.

Is the D4FR capable of transmitting full telemetry data back to the display? please make it so if it isn't - many models have very little space for the fitting of bits and the smaller size would be good

I'll be buying two of the modules, several rx and sensor hub/sensor kits and 2 of the new FDD-lite if the D4FR can do full telemetry readings - This will enable me to convert both my ground and air radios to this system.

FLD-02 (combined all function of FLD-01 as well as other sensors data display) is almost finished except for the outer case. More details will follow soon, let's look forward to it.

Current D4FR can not do full telemetry reading, but we are planning to release a new receiver with hard housing, 5 channels for servo output, together with one external analog telemetry port and one digital data-stream port, with almost the same dimention as D6FR.
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