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Originally Posted by dfitzsim View Post
My maiden was more like this:
1. Perform checks
2. Line up and Take off
3. Fly around for a few minutes shocked as to how fast and responsive it is.
4. Sh*t a brick trying to figure out how I'm going to land the thing.
5. Try to line up for the runway and blew it long by about 20 feet(came in fast).
6. Circled back around and flopped it into the grass and was shocked it was on the ground in only 2 pieces(spinner fell off).
My maiden was much easier. It wasn't my first 4ch plane so it actually was pretty easy.
1. Perform checks
2. very short rog and up high fast.
3. Trimmed the plane out
4. big grin on my face
5 started doing touch and goes
6. nice smooth landing (rare as there is usually wind)

Next flights were pretty much the same except nice long full power take offs. You could litterly not touch anything other than full power and it would lift about 2 inches off the ground and stay on that heading till you did something. Best taxi and touch and go plane ever! The only thing I had that was easier than that was my old gws tiger moth. you could cut the power completely to it and glide it to the landing spot with no worries of tip stalls ever. But of course, it was a 3ch plane. To me the t-28 is without a doubt, the best aileron trainer on the market today!
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