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Originally Posted by tracknoob View Post
Nope, it was gone from the tree, and the park people claim no one turned anything in.

Chalk it up to experience.....

It sucks loosing a plane in a tree. Happened to my Beast last week.

I brought her out to the park earlier that day and got my confidence up, especially in slow flight, so I decided to go on the front lawn that evening. Well, after a hard landing, I did a quick overview, and things seemed find, so I sent her back up, and stared practicing outside loops.

That's when the problems started. I suddenly found I couldn't break out of the loop, and the plane was drifting across the street, further and further away (now a good 50 yards out, orientation is becoming difficult, compounded by flying at dusk to begin with. It's feeling like when I push forward, she over pitches down, and when I pull back, she over corrects up. It was like pilot induced oscillations that would violently swing into outside and inside loops. As she drifted further away, I realized my last resort would simply be having to power down and hope for the best. She glid right into a tree and that was that.

My theory is that either the battery shifted in flight (causing a catastrophic CG shift), or an aileron horn got hung up.

oh well, her replacement is here now
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