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Originally Posted by binaryclock View Post
HAHA I was thinking the same thing. Nobody talks on the beast maiden.. it's more about concentration and trying not to crash

Here's a typical beast maiden:

1. Perform checks.
2. Double check plane and tx/rx.
3. Triple check..
4. Deep breath..
5. Launch.
6. ..
7. .. (only 10 seconds pass)
8. ..
9. ..
10. Frantically look for place to land 10-20 seconds after launching it.
11. Hard nose over on landing in grass, chalk that one up as successful that it's still in one piece.
12. Wonder if you should push your luck and try to fly it again

For only two flights you did awesome with the UM T-28. Keep it up, I've seen people still not able to fly the UM T-28 like you did even after 10+ flights.

My maiden was more like this:
1. Perform checks
2. Line up and Take off
3. Fly around for a few minutes shocked as to how fast and responsive it is.
4. Sh*t a brick trying to figure out how I'm going to land the thing.
5. Try to line up for the runway and blew it long by about 20 feet(came in fast).
6. Circled back around and flopped it into the grass and was shocked it was on the ground in only 2 pieces(spinner fell off).
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