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Well, this is getting frustrating! I soldered up a new brushless ESC so that it would fit in my V400, I rerouted the motor wires to minimize RF interference, and repositioned the signal converter to avoid RF, as well. I programmed the ESC by way of the programming card, and then I set my throttle limits as instructed in the ESC manual; all standard stuff. Everything looked great, and so I spooled up for a test run. The glitching is actually worse. The brushless motor didn't seem to run quite as well, either. The motor seemed to develop a sort of "screachy" sound once I hit a certain rpm--somehow I don't really remember hearing it do that as much before, but memory may be failing me here. Still, it makes me wonder if the motor bearings are going out. So, now, it's time to switch out the motor and see what happens.

At the same time, I have been wondering about the stock Walkera ESC. How would I be able to tell if it's going bad? Are there well known symptoms? I do remember a lot of symptoms, which I blamed solely on the brushed motor. But, was I wrong? What if my stock motors were fine, but the stock ESC was making them seem like they were going out? If the new motor doesn't change things for the better, then I'm going to just replace the stock ESC too.

Still working hard to make this heli work, still hoping for the best but willing to settle for a bit less, but getting kind of tired of this heli altogether . . .
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