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Originally Posted by utx View Post
I researched the camera circuit a bit and created a modification that allows to switch between USB modes and recording while charging automatically. My V2 camera can use the standard car power supply now and charges during recording (the battery is not nearly depleted after car recording). When connected to the computer, it switches to the USB Mass Storage Mode as it did before.

I just created a small detection board and wired it inside the camera. It would be especially useful for people with a V2 or older, but it would allow people with V3 to use a standard charger.

hardware modification
Very clever of you to have figured this out! This is not something that most would want to attempt, but for those who might, can you summarize more clearly the advantage of doing this mod?

I've done some long recordings with my external battery pack using the simple modified plug that comes with the car charger, and my internal battery stays charged as long as the external pack is still providing power. Ditto for the car charger. Other than slightly different LED confirmation, there's no other differences between V2 and V3 cameras that I've found.

I don't use a laptop with the camera when away from home, so the switching from recording mode to USB mode when an external charger is powering the camera is not something I (or most?) need. And at home, I could alternatively get a simple house voltage to 12V DC converter wall wart that accepts the car charger plug if I need continuous power while recording.

I'm not trying to diminish your accomplishment in deciphering the camera circuitry (!)... just trying to understand what it does that can't be done now with simpler alternatives. I'm obviously missing something, so please enlighten me!
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