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ER9x r435 is now available, changes:
Some code changes to save space.
Added filtering on the bandgap voltage measurement, may help larsm
Timer 2 now stops if you reset it. (A previous change added throttle trigger to timer 2.
FrSky specific changes:
FrSky hub protocol in user packets added, some sensor values are displayable. When you have the main telemetry screen visible, there are now three more screens available right or left (one is empty as yet). On switching off the Tx, it only remembers you are in the telemetry screen, not which one. This saves wearing out the eeprom.
Optionally, instead of FrSky hub protocol, you may select WingedShadow How High protocol. This is done in the TELEMETRY config menu. A new option:
is available that may be set to either "FrHub" or "WSHhi".
I don't have a How High sensor, so I haven't tested that properly, feedback from someone who has one will be appreciated. Both FrSky and How High are altimeters only, I will look into some sort of Vario processing of the altitude reading, but I don't even have the FrSky altitude sensor yet.

Further FrSky hub processing will be added in due course.
Also remember that eepe does not always keep up with changes to er9x (neither does the manual). I can build eepe now so I will try to find time to update it.

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